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Superhero and Fairy Tales: Fantasy Play in the Early Years

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About This Course

Trapping baddies, rescuing princesses, flying and fighting off monsters - children are drawn to this type of play; enthusiastically role-playing characters, perhaps using a stick or object to represent a weapon. But as adults we can feel conflicted and unsure about this type of play; Is it violent? Why do children play like this? Should I discourage it? Is it against Montessori philosophy? In this course we delve into these questions examining from a perspective of childhood, development, culture, and pedagogy. We aim to reflect, build deeper understanding, and gain ideas around how to approach this play with children.

Please note this course is staffed and running from Early 2021 for three weeks. However you can access the course any time after this and complete in your own time. You will have a minimum of one month access to this course, depending on when you start.

What You'll Learn

This course will cover: What is Fantasy Play?; The development that takes place in this play; How we are challenged by this play; How to be reflective and listen to children; What Montessori Philosophy says; How we can embrace this play in a constructive way.


There are no requirements to take this course, just an interest in education and development.

Course Staff

Leanne Ridgeway

Leanne (they/ them) refers to themselves as an 'Early Education Enthusiast', who holds Montessori Cosmic Education at their heart. Leanne's natural curiosity has led them to experiences across a wide range of settings - from working with homeless children in Southern Africa, being an EY practitioner, Montessori teacher, researcher and CPD training provider. Leanne holds two degrees in Early Childhood, including one in Montessori Pedagogy from MCI, and is currently studying towards a Masters degree. Most recently they have taken to home educating their child, and running their own early years training business. Leanne melds together experience and multifaceted skills to challenge practice and advocate for the voice of the child.

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