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Montessori Outdoors


About This Course

This course is a great starting point for anyone who wants to explore the outside world with children of any age. We cover some basic Montessori principles to consider while outdoors, freedoms within limits and going outdoors in all weathers/ seasons. It covers activities that can be done in small spaces, from balconies and windows, with few or no resources and top tips from our expert tutors. This is a great course to inspire you and your family to get outside in nature.

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What You'll Learn

This course will cover: Basic Montessori principles to consider outdoors; Freedoms with limits; Montessori in all seasons; Outdoors with few resources; Accessing nature from a balcony or window; Activities and tips from our expert tutors.


There are no requirements to take this course, just an interest in education and childcare outdoors.

Course Staff

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Jeremy Clarke

Jeremy joined the MCI academic team in 2013. He previously taught in Nursery and Reception age classes for 13 years and was at Gorton Mount Primary when it became the first state school in the UK to adopt the Montessori approach. At MCI he is Head of Digital Education. He is also an assessor for MEAB, the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board. He received his BA (QTS) in Environmental Science and Outdoor Studies in Ambleside. He completed his Montessori Diploma at MCI. Jeremy will be online every week to respond to the discussion.

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Laura Heap

Laura joined the MCI team in 2014 and is the Digital Education Project Manager for Open Learning. She has two young children at home and co-wrote this course to support fellow parents who may want to implement a Montessori approach but be unsure where to start. Laura has a background in education and completed a Masters in Digital Education in 2013.

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Barbara Isaacs

Barbara joined the newly established MCI in 1998 after training Montessori teachers both at Montessori St Nicholas and London Montessori Centre. She was also a proprietor of Seedlings Montessori Nursery in Oxfordshire for fifteen years. Until July 2018 she served as the Chief Education Officer for Montessori Centre International and the Senior Accreditation Officer for the Montessori Accreditation and Evaluation Board. Barbara is now the Global Ambassador for Montessori St Nicholas.

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