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Montessori Life: Introduction


About This Course

The first of a three part series on Montessori Life, this course introduces simple Montessori concepts and how to incorporate Montessori into daily life. It will cover relationships within the home, mindsets and attitudes, Montessori education and how to manage celebrations.

What You'll Learn

This course will cover: Tips for building a Montessori home; Inspiration for changing attitudes; Advice on Observation; What to look for in Montessori education; Managing celebrations and festivals.


There are no requirements to take this course, just an interest in Montessori.

Course Staff

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Zainab Shamis-Saleem

Whilst expecting her first child, Zainab set up The Montessori Studio to allow Montessori to become more accessible and demystify some of the ‘elitist’ stereotypes of this way of learning. She particularly wanted to focus on those for whom looking after young children feels like a whole new world. 9 years and two of her own children later, she has gone from nursery settings to home-schooling to teaching parents how to implement the Montessori approach in their own homes. @themontessoristudio

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