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Listening to Children


About This Course

This course aims to look at what it means to truly listen to children. We may hear what children are saying but do we genuinely listen? Whether it be at home or in a nursery environment, how can we listen to the voice of the child and consider their thoughts, and opinions. How can we make children feel included, heard and valued?

Reflecting on practice and research, this course will explore the art of listening to the voice of the child.

Please note this course is staffed and running from Summer 2020 for three weeks. However you can access the course any time after this and complete in your own time. You will have a minimum of one month access to this course, depending on when you start.

What You'll Learn

This course will cover: Research into the practice of listening to children; How to use the voice of the child to influence their learning environment; How to use listening techniques in the home environment; What we can learn from the voice of the child


There are no requirements to take this course, just an interest in education and child development.

Course Staff

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Millie James

Millie James is part of the Digital Education Team and an Online Academic Tutor at Montessori Centre International. She initially began her Montessori journey studying at MCI before becoming a practitioner and Deputy Manager of a Montessori setting. Now her passion for the Montessori approach continues by sharing it with the students she works alongside.

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