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Welcome to Montessori, the world’s largest global education movement. It offers a unique child-centred approach to education, used and acclaimed throughout the world. The movement was inspired by Dr Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. She was one of the most important early years educators of the 20th century, the innovator of classroom practices and ideas which have had a profound influence on the education of young children.

Montessori St Nicholas is the name of the largest UK Montessori representative. We have nearly 700 Montessori settings and schools and 4000 individuals in our membership, though only a minority are in Montessori St Nicholas’s ownership. Most Montessori settings in the UK are privately owned and governed accordingly. Montessori Centre International is a part of Montessori St Nicholas (MSN). MSN is a registered charity that provides support for nursery practitioners and settings, advice to parents and training for practitioners in the largest Montessori college in Europe.Our prime objective is to help you, whether you are a potential Montessori parent, a student wanting to train as a practitioner, a Montessori settings Manager or Owner, or a member of the general public wanting to know more about Montessori pedagogy.

This site hosts our open learning courses, some of which are made completely free to you as part of our charitable aims. Our open learning courses include Professional Development for practitioners and settings, Montessori courses for parents, carers and grandparents, Webinars for anyone interested in specific Montessori topics led by our highly experienced lecturers.

Here at Montessori Centre International we have a history of firsts:

* MCI was the first organisation to run a Montessori Distance Learning course; our courses went online in 2014 through our VLE moodle.
* We were the first in the UK to offer the Montessori Foundation Degree.
* We are the first Montessori organisation to pioneer a blended learning approach which allows students more flexibility in how they study and creates a global Montessori classroom.
* We are very excited to say that we are first English-speaking organisation to launch a free Montessori MOOC in the world!

Come and be part of our ever growing Montessori community.